A Middle-School Cheating Scandal

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[Principal] Waller told Pitts that the targets—set by the district’s Department of Research, Planning, and Accountability—were unrealistic. It took a quarter of the year just to gain students’ trust. Two students, he said, were raped in the neighborhood that year. Others lived alone, with neither parent at home, or were on the verge of being placed in juvenile detention. When a student was arrested for stealing cars, Waller went to court and asked the judge not to send him to jail. Waller told me, “The administration wanted to move kids out of poverty—I do believe that. But test scores could not be the only means.” When Waller expressed his concerns, Pitts reiterated that Hall accepted no excuses, and told him, “The way principals keep their jobs in Atlanta is they make targets.”

Initiatives like No Child Left Behind assume that all children are the same and come from similar backgrounds.  But children living in extreme poverty don’t care about their test scores or even learning.  They’re too busy just trying to survive.

via A Middle-School Cheating Scandal.